A hotel worker was beaten for reducing the size of the fish; Six accused arrested in hotel employee attack case | Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama Online

Ponkunnam ∙ Six people have been arrested in the case of attacking and trying to kill a hotel employee on the allegation that the fish in the curry served with the meal was small. Kurundivila Pradish Mohandas (35) of Kollam Nedumon Kadukode, S. Sanju (23) from Nedupana, Kalaikkalishkashkethil, Mahesh Lal (24) from Manbhuban, Sriragam Abhishek (23), Nallila Mavila Abhay Raj (23), Nallila Atulmandiram Amal J. Kumar (23). were arrested.

The case is that Madhu Kumar, an employee of a hotel in Ilangulam area, was attacked. Police said that after leaving the hotel after eating, he went back to the hotel and was beaten and attacked with a black stone on the grounds that the fish given to him as a curry for the meal was too small and the broth was too low.

English Summary: Six accused arrested in hotel employee attack case

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