A hot poll showed the election results, if today, a new player has appeared GRAPHICS

The presidency enjoys the greatest confidence, as does Radev – 49.3%. It has fallen slightly due to his positions. Distrust of the government is 69%. Statistics are stabilizing. We do not give the option “I can not judge”, so trust and distrust are more.

77.2% is the distrust in the National Assembly “, said the sociologist Yuliy Pavlov from the Center for Analysis and Marketing on the air of Nova news.

About 45% believe that the biggest problem in our country is inflation and high prices. “The war in Ukraine is beginning to gain momentum as part of the big problems. People are asking the answers, we are not giving options to this question,” said the sociologist.

35.8% of respondents predict early elections by the end of the year. “65% expect early elections in general, but when asked if there should be one, things are changing. More than 50% want internal changes in the government,” Pavlov said.

Electoral attitudes show that GERB has the highest party trust, followed by the PP and the BSP. According to the study, Bulgarian Rise will have about 7% and will enter parliament. “Eight parties are expected to join the National Assembly,” he said.

For the purposes of the study, 820 people were interviewed at home from 4 to 9 May.

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