A helicopter with money crashed in Libya

Photo: aksam.com.tr

A helicopter carrying money crashes in Libya

The helicopter with cash crashed during landing – two people on board were injured.

A helicopter carrying money crashed at a stadium in Tarhuna, 65 km southeast of Tripoli, Libya. About it informs Akşam on Wednesday, October 27th.

“In Libya, a helicopter carrying cash crashed while landing at a stadium in the city of Tarhuna,” it was reported.

Two people on board were injured.

Haberler Edition writesthat on board the Mi-17, owned by the Libyan Air Force, there were 40 million dinars (equivalent to about $ 8.8 million – ed.). The Libyan government confirmed the transfer of money and added that the crash was due to bad weather conditions.

Now the helicopter has become unusable, there is no information about whether the money survived.

Recall that earlier helicopter crashed in Germany… A Robinson R44 helicopter crashed in a wooded area. Its fragments were scattered on the ground for hundreds of meters – three people were killed.

It was also reported that a military helicopter crashed in Tunisia. The crash occurred at night during a military exercise. Three soldiers were killed. Experts determine the causes of the accident.

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