A headliner, a Belgian newcomer and the Bach of metal: the three Graspop tips from metal fan Tijs Vanneste

What stands out on the “all star”Graspop 2022 poster is that a pack of the headliners are now in their sixties or seventies. Something that, according to Tijs Vanneste, is not surprising. “Bands like Iron Maiden, Scorpions and Judas Priest are still strong live on stage, despite the respectable age of the group members. And they are still very much liked by the public.”

“On the other hand, everything in the music industry is moving faster and faster: young bands with a lot of potential no longer get the time and the opportunity to grow into the status of those mega headliners with a long track record. The influx of new talent is accelerating, resulting in a continuous changing of the guard,” says Vanneste.

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