A handsome student of the Shinshu University School of Medicine who attacked a teenager in Nagano: “Follow me near my house…” A student of the same university reveals the damage of a “system oraora” pick-up | PRIME Women’s Weekly

“I think it was between classes, but the suspect called me.

Student A, who attends Shinshu University, said she was fed up with the suspect’s aggressive response.

Nagano Prefectural Police Komoro Police Station arrested Yuji Nakamura (22), a student in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, on charges of causing bodily harm such as forced sexual intercourse on the 16th. On October 3, Nakamura allegedly sexually assaulted and injured a teenage girl at an accommodation facility in Komoro City, the same prefecture.

“Sexual assault” incident during training

“The suspect was a student of Shinshu University School of Medicine. The crime occurred while he was practicing medicine at a hospital in Komoro City for about a month.”

Investigative sources said the suspect and victim were acquaintances, not meeting for the first time.

“Immediately after the accident, a person related to the victim filed a damage report, which led to an investigation and arrest. It can be said to be a criminal offense.” (Investigator)

The suspect has already been referred to prosecutors on the 18th, but it was not revealed whether the charges were upheld or denied.

“Weekly Women’s PRIME” previously reported on this incident in an article distributed on the 26th. Nakamura not only studied medicine, but also belonged to the baseball team of Shinshu University. The department’s website, now closed, describes the suspect

《Unfortunate handsome representative of Shindai. An ace candidate throwing a fastball that can’t be imagined by a skinny body. One of the players I can’t wait to see in the game.”

has been evaluated.

Enrolled in a national university medical school, good at sports and handsome. A suspect that he had all three threats. This time we have obtained new information that comes close to the “back face” of the suspect.

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