A hand to the forgotten of America: the UN has offered its help to Haiti for the cholera epidemic

In the midst of its political crisis, Haiti is suffering from a cholera epidemic. Credit: Fernanda Familiar.

After the cholera epidemic detected in Haiti which has already caused the deaths of eight people, an offer of help to the Caribbean country came from this Monday United Nations (HE).

According to the spokesperson of the institution at a press conference, Antonio Guterres, immediate and unrestricted access to land is needed to facilitate the delivery of fuel for humanitarian purposes. In addition, the organization has declared its readiness to deploy emergency response teams there.

At least eight people have died from an outbreak detected in the country’s capital, Principe Porto. Several suspected cases have also been reported both on the outskirts of that city, a Crossroads leavesas in the coastal district of Sunshine quote.

Previous foci of the disease

The Caribbean country has not reported any cases of this disease since 2019, nine years after the introduction of a strain by the military of the United Nations Mission for Stability. That outbreak killed nearly 10,000 people and made more than 850,000 sick.

With these premises, the Haitian nation asked the population to adopt hygienic procedures to contain the disease. Cholera, usually waterborne, causes diarrhea and severe dehydration.

The Haitian population takes to the streets due to the political, economic and social crisis that the country is going through. Credit: Unicef.

At the same time, Stephene Dujarric, the UN spokesman confirmed that the secretary general has invited all interested parties to cooperate. In this way, they try to organize a response focused on limiting the spread of the disease and informing about protective measures.

Social crisis, economics and politics

The cholera epidemic comes at a time of profound crisis in Haiti, following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July 2021; in addition to the expansion of the control areas of the armed groups.

Since the end of August, Haitian society has taken to the streets to demand the resignation of the prime minister, who became the country’s highest authority after the murder. To this situation is added the recent increase in fuel prices decreed by the Government and which has aggravated the protests; the acute inflation which has reached 30% and the violence of the gangs.

Ariel Henry has asked for international help to counter gang violence. Credit: Los Angeles.

On 12 September the current Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, reported that there would be a new increase in fuel prices. The nation has already been facing a fuel shortage for at least three months and its supply to the port has been blocked since mid-September. This has not only raised its price and in turn that of public transport and basic necessities; it also affects the ability of the United Nations and the international community to respond to the crisis.

On the other hand, due to the deterioration caused by the crisis and violence in the country, schools and other educational institutions in Haiti did not open their doors on Monday 3 October, the date on which the school year was scheduled to begin.

The Prime Minister asks for international help

Enrico He condemned the violence of the recent protests, while acknowledging that Haiti is hit by multiple crises and that thousands of people in his nation live in conditions of extreme poverty.

Given the serious scenario, the president has asked for international help to combat gang violence in Haitian territory, strengthen the police, fight corruption and improve the economy.

“The country has many problems,” the premier said. This is why he asked: “I ask everyone to remain calm. The government is working with what it has ”.

“The solution to the country’s problems does not go through the burning of barricades, riots, the destruction of car windows or the destruction of people’s property”, he assured. At the same time, you warned that justice will prosecute those who commit irreparable acts.

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