A group of Santurtziarras creates a digital magazine and a television

“We believe that very interesting things happen in Santurtzi on a daily basis and it is worth telling them.” This phrase is pronounced Andrea Mercado, a 22-year-old girl who directs the team of twelve people who give life to the magazine STZ Digital, a publication that has just published the first of what they hope will be many issues of this magazine that will seek to tell the news of the seaside town.

The idea for this project was born about a year ago, but, as with many things, the pandemic, in addition to other reasons, has delayed its launch. Thus, this group of communication lovers has seen how this project that they do for the love of art has come to light, without obtaining any economic benefit. “From the first moment we thought that the magazine should be digital and that it should deal with very different topics so that citizens always find something to their liking among the articles,” explains Andrea, a journalism student who has found the best possible practices to know the world to which you want to dedicate yourself professionally. “When they asked me to direct the magazine it gave me a bit of vertigo, but I accepted. We are people who do this for pleasure, in a selfless way, but we have to be clear that we have to offer quality to those who read us, whether they are one, a hundred or a thousand. “, says this young woman who recognizes that the most difficult moment in the entire process of creating this project has been, for now, the publication of the first issue.

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Prepare a text, layout it, correct it … Behind every page that can be read in any printed or digital medium there is a lot of work and, in the case of STZ Digital, part of that work falls to Andrea. “Sometimes my work is a bit chaotic because I receive the text from those who collaborate with us and I read it, I correct it and then I layout it. We are all very excited about this project because we know that we can do it well, otherwise, we would not have launched the magazine “, underlines Andrea, who directs the team of this magazine that pretends to be weekly.

But, in addition, in parallel the STZ Telebista project, an initiative that has already begun its broadcasts through YouTube. The lens is very similar to that of STZ Digital; bring to the public what happens in Santurtzi. In this way, the first step they have taken has been to broadcast live the matches of the municipal teams. Now, with no audience in the stands, the cameras of this group of communication lovers pretend to be the eyes and the voice of the fans of CD Santurtzi, CB Santurtzi and Dinamo San Juan, among others. In this way, Santurtzi Telebista takes its first steps and makes itself known and the sports teams of the municipality try to maintain, as far as possible, contact with their fans, something very difficult in these times. Thus, for example, yesterday the match between Dinamo San Juan and Indautxu was broadcast and the match between CD Santurtzi and San Ignacio was seen during the week.

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In addition, STZ Digital and STZ Telebista have formed, together with STZ Irratia, a project born five years ago, the STZ Communication Group, a space in which these three non-profit associations can generate synergies and share experiences so that, each in their own way and from your environment, count and generate content around all those little great things that, every day, happen in Santurtzi.


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