A great shock is coming.. The Lebanese fortune-teller, Michel Hayek, shocked everyone with “thunderbolt” predictions about Russia, China, and Saudi oil!!

The famous Lebanese astronomer or clairvoyant, Michel Hayek, made a set of shocking predictions in the coming days, after he had predicted that the Argentine national team would win the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. Hayek spoke in tweets on his official account on Twitter,

On the 2023 forecast for Lebanon, which he called “a ray in the tunnel,” saying that it is now ready, according to him. He also touched on the predictions of 2023 around the world, which he called “on the brink of the abyss,” indicating that they are almost complete, wondering about the favorite topics, which he classified under (Iran: the nuclear revolution, Ukraine: petting a Russian bear, Saudi Arabia: war or profit, and China: pandemic or invasion).

Astrologers lied even if they believed

Hayek predicted that oil prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will rise significantly, which will help in strengthening the Saudi economy during the year 2023.

He also expected that the living conditions of Saudi citizens would improve significantly. Michel Hayek expected that private shares in Saudi Arabia would rise significantly, saying that Saudi Arabia would provide many compensations to citizens who had suffered from the recent events that faced the Kingdom.

Hayek spoke about “the devastation of the cosmic program and the widening of the breach, as small and strange bodies began to come to us in the form of viruses with many names, all of which are inconsistent with our human nature.” He predicted that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and Meta would be in great danger and said: Zuckerberg faces the risk of being dismissed from his post because of dissatisfaction with the way he manages the social network, and confirmed that Zuckerberg will lose half of his wealth within 9 months.

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