A Glimpse of the World Anti-Vaccine Movement

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

The world is waiting for a vaccine Covid-19. In the midst of the waiting and hopes of billions of Earthlings, there was a small group of people watching vaccine is like a threat and is actually against it. They are known as anti-vaccine group or also called anti-vaxxer.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic set foot on Earth, vaccines have been said to be the most effective tool to protect a person from contracting the virus. Basically, vaccines are substances that are intentionally made to stimulate the formation of immunity from certain diseases. Vaccination keeps the body protected from disease threats.

However, unfortunately some people just don’t believe it. Instead of believing in the efficacy of vaccines to increase immunity, they actually believe that vaccines are a new threat to the body with various new diseases.

Rapper from England, MIA, once expressed his view about vaccines, in the context of handling Covid-19. Quoting Vulture, even though he claims he is not an anti-vaccine, but he does not agree with the use of vaccines to reduce the pandemic.

“If I had to choose vaccine or chip, I would choose death,” he wrote in a tweet on his Twitter account. He continued, “You are fine. All the vaccines you already have are enough to protect you.”

What MIA brought up is evidence of public distrust of the urgency of procuring vaccines to cope with the pandemic which has been going on for almost a year.

But, it’s not just the Covid-19 vaccine, group anti-vaxxer challenge all the available vaccines. In the midst of this pandemic, they are increasingly voicing their opinions about vaccines. Unmitigated, they even believed that there would be a chip inserted in the vaccine, which could make the recipient fall ill.

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Not only that, to quote AFP, they also mentioned that substances such as phenoxoethanol and potassium chloride which are believed to be found in vaccines are harmful to the body. They also pointed out that the Covid-19 pandemic was only a situation designed by the government.

Anti-vaccine rhetoric is nothing new. Since centuries ago, anti-vaccine groups have been around to enliven the debate about the vaccine itself. The high number of anti-vaccines has made the level of public confidence in vaccines low.

A poll was conducted Welcome Trust, In 2019, a British non-profit organization working in the health sector found a high level of distrust towards vaccines in several regions. They conducted observations of 140 thousand people in more than 140 countries.

Vaccine mistrust has been found to thrive in the western hemisphere, as in parts of Europe and North America. In contrast, mistrust of vaccines is found to be low or even invisible in the Asia and Africa region.

So, since when did the anti-vaccine group start shouting their opposition? What makes them disbelieve in vaccines?

The Beginning of the Anti-Vaccine Group



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