A girl (13) swallowed pills in the Brno region. She was saved by a phone call from the USA

A special announcement was received on Tuesday afternoon by the Brno Police Operations Center. “The telephone operator of the transatlantic army crisis line told police that she chatted with a 13-year-old girl allegedly from Brno. She confided in her that she had swallowed pills and in this way she wants to end her life,” said police spokesman Bohumil Malášek.

Based on the information that the woman passed on to the police, a search operation was launched and the police managed to locate the girl’s computer. “The patrol sent to the village near Brno then contacted the girl’s parents, who confirmed that their daughter was being treated for mental health problems,” the spokesman added.

Her parents confirmed that the girl actually swallowed more than 20 pills, which fortunately were harmless. The rescuers called in still took the girl to a specialized workplace.

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