“A Gift for the 10th Anniversary of Marriage”: Kim Song-i talked about the three miracles he felt in his marriage with Kang Won-rae.


Kim Song is talking about a’miracle’.

Broadcaster Kim SongWe talked about the miraculous things we experienced in our relationship with Kang Won-rae, whose lower body was paralyzed in this traffic accident.

Kim Song-eun, who appeared on EBS’s’Life Story’ on the 24th, said, “There are so many miracles. I thought it would take 3 nights and 4 days to talk about it all, so I divided it into three.”

When Kang Won-rae was in a car accident, Kim Song-eun thought, “I wish I could only wake up” because I couldn’t get up for a month and a half. , It was a miracle to recognize me and Jun-yeop Gu,” he said about the first miracle.

However, a difficult time came for Kim Song. He said, “Usually all of the patients get well and leave the hospital, but my husband is discharged from the hospital because he has become disabled, not a patient. I was confident that I could care for my life next to Kang Won-rae, but one day when I opened my eyes, I came to face the reality,’How do I live with my handicapped husband, even though I’m still young?’ It was lost,” he confessed.


Kim Song is talking about the early days of her marriage.

Kim Song-eun recalled, “I had a lot of eyes to look at (us) and I had to be an angel.” did. He continued, ”At the same time, he appeared on TV and asked,’My couple is happy, please watch.’ It was so hard to pretend to be nice with two faces.”

Then one day, Kim Song suddenly realized the gratitude of life. Kim Song-eun explained, “I realized in a day that’I have to protect my family, and my husband and I are also a precious person’.” “That’s the second miracle.”

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The birth of a child that seemed like a gift


Kim Song-i is talking about the birth of a child.

The last miracle was the birth of a child. Kim Song-eun said, “I started the test tube treatment because I thought that there should be a family bond. I thought I could do it once, but it wasn’t. He said, “If you fail even though your body is sore, mental pain increases.” “Experience that, the object of resentment became my husband again. He confessed that if he swears and swears at his husband, he confessed that he stopped the procedure by saying,’Slap it off.’

Five years later, in 2012, Kang Won-rae began the procedure again, and in 2013, the 10th anniversary of the marriage, Kim Song succeeded in conceiving. Kim Song said, “In the 10th anniversary, I wanted to’How can I get a gift like this’, so Taemyeong was a gift,” he said. He said that experiencing these three miracles was of great help to him.

Kim Song-eun 2010 Kookmin IlboIn an interview with, I confessed to Kang Won-rae for three years after marriage, saying, “I was punished for having an affair, but why do I have to live with your poop?” Kim Song, who was unable to divorce for fear of public attention, added that he was grateful to accept life through the great power of religion.

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