a gas station blocked following a national strike

Users who take theA10 in the direction of Bordeaux this Tuesday morning and who are used to refueling on theEstalot areaat Saint-Andre-de-Cubzac, had the unpleasant surprise of having their access to the pump blocked. “No fuel distribution, nor sale in store will take place on these relays” declared a union delegate CGT d’Argedisa 100% subsidiary of TotalEnergies.

In France this Tuesday morning, eleven other service stations like that of the Estalot were stopped this morning out of the 185 in this subsidiary. A strike movement occurred within the company Argedis after unsuccessful negotiations between unions and management. Staff representatives are demanding salary increases that take inflation into account. According to the unions, the 3,200 employees ofArgedis are the lowest paid in the company TotalEnergies80% of them would receive less than 1,500 euros per month.

The management, contacted by theAFP, has not yet reacted immediately. Other strikes could take place and spread within the group if the discussions do not lead to any compromise. “Not a euro should be cashed” can we read on the press release of the CGT. A movement of discontent also fueled by the good margins that the group was able to achieve TotalEnergies during this period of crisis, when the price of oil jumped, as did the price at the pump for the consumer, which easily exceeded 2 euros per litre.

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