A gas cylinder exploded on the 16th floor of a building in Alexandria…and witnesses


Wednesday 14 December 2022

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

A gas cylinder exploded in a residential apartment on the 16th floor of a property in Sidi Beshr Bahary, east of Alexandria, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, injuring two people.

Major General Khaled Al-Barawi, Deputy Minister and Security Director of Alexandria, first received a notification from Al-Montazah Police Station, stating that an explosion had been heard at the property “Phosphorus Building” in Khalil Hamada Street in Sidi Beshr.

Agents from the Department, Civil Protection, Ambulance and Al-Montazah District officials first moved to the Al-Balagh site, and the investigation found that a gas cylinder exploded in an apartment on the 16th floor of the aforementioned property, and the fire broke out.

The civil protection forces, making use of fire engines, managed to put out the fire and put it under control before it spread to the rest of the apartments in the structure.

According to eyewitnesses and an official source, the shock wave injured two people and destroyed the walls of the apartment as a result of the accident, while parts of the walls falling caused damage to a car parked under the property .

The necessary report on the incident was first issued at the Al-Montazah police station, and the prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation.

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