A gang of thieves in Prague focused on poorly walking seniors. They robbed them of their purchases

According to forensic scientists, four women and three men mostly ran in shops from June to September. They are responsible for 41 cases.

“They literally committed ‘hyenism’ in cases where they chose people who were less mobile and used a walker or wheelchair as victims,” ​​said police spokeswoman Violeta Siřišťová.

The group was detained on Tuesday night in various parts of the republic. In addition, five of them were in a nationwide search. During house searches, police found stolen handbags, drugs or weapons. All detainees have already been prosecuted.

Police found handbags from the thieves

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

Subsequently, they were charged with theft and measures, alteration and counterfeiting of a means of payment. They face up to eight years in prison. Three women aged 23 to 26 ended up in custody, the rest of the group aged 20 to 38 are being examined at large.

At the same time, criminal investigators are asking other victims to call 158.

Weapon found

Photo: Police of the Czech Republic

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