A game against Spain, where they want a win to advance to the group stage. Takumi Minamino preaches the importance of defense “It’s very important to keep the first half zero” | Representative of Japan | DAZN Japan news

[Notizie sulla nazionale di calcio del Giappone]The day after the bitter defeat against Costa Rica, the Japanese national team trained in Doha on the 28th. After training, Takumi Minamino, who responded to the interview, was excited about playing against Spain, saying, “I will play with all my strength to win.”

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After winning their first match against Germany, the match against Costa Rica aimed for back to back victories. Japan failed to break down the opposition’s defensive net until the end, and conceded a goal due to a mistake in the closing stages, suffering a disappointing defeat.

Minamino, who came off the bench in the match against Costa Rica, looked back on the match against Costa Rica and said: “It was very frustrating. It’s a very difficult feeling to lose that match,” he said, regretting the loss in a match that was supposed to be a sure win.

Aiming to break through the group stage, the match against Spain will be one they desperately want to win. “I have the impression that even if you chase the ball badly, it will come off immediately, so I think it’s important to first analyze the defense as a team when you fight,” Minamino revealed his determination for the Spain match.

“Even if you look at other World Cup matches, there are matches where you lose a lot of goals amid this kind of tension. I think it’s very important to keep the first half scoreless.”

“I will play with all my strength to win. Instead of being aware of anything in particular, I will pour all my energy into the match against Spain. It will be interesting to see if Japan’s number 10 kit can lead the team to victory.

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