A funeral in the sort of a passport … Dancing with a coffin, drums and singing … The funeral rituals of the Lebanese stars

Thank you for examining the information of a funeral in the kind of a passport. Dancing with a coffin, drums and singing .. Funeral rituals for Lebanese stars and now with the facts of the information

Cairo – Samia Sayed – Funerals have exclusive ceremonies that vary from country to country, and most of them are dominated by religious rituals and physique burial by yourself, but there are unusual customs and traditions in funerals in some nations around the world like the point out of Lebanon, where by a diverse ambiance prevailed for the funerals of the artists and the environment of drums, singing and dancing with coffins and other issues. Indicators of pleasure blended with disappointment. Perhaps their justification for these ceremonies is that they contemplate this deceased human being to be a husband or wife in heaven or in fulfillment of his will.

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Giorgio Al Rassi

This phenomenon has emerged in the very last few hours, as the funeral of artist George Al-Rassi witnessed lots of functions, starting up with dancing with the coffin and drums through his funeral to carrying out the funeral prayer and burial and firing shots, and all these situations captivated interest to the funeral of artist George Al-Rassi and, despite this, it was not the to start with incident in the past: Lebanon organized the funeral of some artists and their families in this way.

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Shahroura’s funeral in the morning

In implementation of her will, which reflects her continuous really like of joy and joy even at the second of her death, exactly where she encouraged not to grieve her right after her loss of life, but to rejoice and dance at her funeral in Dabkeh to switch this day into a day of pleasure alternatively of unhappiness, so her friends introduced her coffin wrapped in the flag of Lebanon and danced with the coffin to the audio of her singing and the beating of the drums, indeed, her funeral turned into pleasure, as if was a honeymoon in his remaining resting position.


Melhem Barakat’s funeral

Melhem Barakat’s funeral was no unique from the funeral of Shahroura Sabah, who died two decades later, as his kinfolk and good friends buried his entire body to the tune of his tune “Habibi You”, through which some musicians were being used and singers, and in carrying out his will, which was to bury him in a white gown, which is what genuinely transpired.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=FF4w3ovM7QM

The funeral of Najwa Karam’s brother

The funeral was not just about dancing and drums for the artists on their own, but also for their people, as took place at the funeral of “Nicolas Karam”, the brother of the artist Najwa Karam, who died numerous months just after Melhem Barakat, thanks to a heart attack, so substantially so that his body was buried dancing with his coffin to the tune of music and the launch of shamrocks and fireworks.

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