A forest fire simulator unique in France in the future Gignac training centre

Around 200 people attended the laying of the first stone of the future this Tuesday morning in Gignac Hérault Fire Brigade Centre located on 30 acres near Simone Veil High School. It will welcome students from all over Occitania to train in real situations, fires, floods, but also virtually with the latest generation equipment.

Comptroller General Eric Florès, patron of the Hérault firefighters, was a guest of France Bleu Hérault this Tuesday morning

“The idea of ​​this training center is that the firefighter can deal with fires, first with the heat on the body in simulation and not directly in intervention. We have to put firefighters in situation in the entire response panel that we have and our panel is very important. The gas leak, car accident recovery, oil fires, boat fires, apartment fire of course, and forest fires.

This training center is intended for all firefighters. Initial training and continuing training. The risks are changing. At the moment, you have electric cars, all the problems of electric mobility, they enter homes. There are many situations that we have to understand and that we will learn exactly in this training center. And these are risks that didn’t exist 20 years ago.”

“We will also welcome schoolchildren to show them the risks that exist inside the houses. We also have contacts with the Autoroutes du Sud de la France. We have contacts with Enedis, with GRDF to train gas risk agents.

See the flames even before arriving on site, thanks to amateur videos

“Depending on the specific risks and specific scenarios that we will have, we will have a forest fire risk simulator, we will be able to simulate the passage of a fire on a forest fire cabin. It will be the first simulator of its kind in France. We are going to bring firefighters from all over France

“We will also be working in virtual reality with helmets. We are also looking at making the technology integrated into our vehicles. We are also working on sending the video streams that we have on Facebook videos to our firefighters tobefore they get to surgery, they can already see the flames people who are filming. You have YouTubers everywhere filming the talks before we arrive to see that the chef, before we get to a talk, can already see the fire. He will have arrested.”

“We are closing the year with certainly about the same number of interventions as last year, but with a forest fire season that has been very tough. It started at the end of May. It ended with the episodes of red vigilance in the Cévennes. It has been a very intense year for us and I really want to highlight the work of all the Hérault firefighters this year who have made yet another year of exceptional commitments.

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