a footbridge to cross the Moselle

130 meters of range in one piece, 260 tonnes of steel required to its construction… The pedestrian and cycle footbridge ordered by the City of Thionville falls into the category of so-called remarkable structures.

Imagined by the firm B + M Architecture, it received several distinctions and also substantial subsidies from all levels of the administrative millefeuille. The envelope of the Ministry of Ecological Transition (1.5M €) remains the largest. In the end, the gateway to Europe will cost 7.5M € (excluding additional facilities) and will be 80% financed by the public authorities.

The structure, whose commissioning is postponed to next spring, should encourage pedestrians and cyclists to link the station and the city center easily and bring pedestrian traffic back to the hypercentre.

It was also thought of as a link between the historic city and the neighborhood in the making around the station. This could be populated with 1,300 housing units over the next 20 years.

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