A follower attacks Rana Hariri, Bassem Yakhour’s wife, and the latter intervenes

Rana Hariri, the wife of the Syrian actor Basem Yakhour, sparked a wave of controversy on social media, after the statement she made after the earthquake that hit Syria yesterday, which resulted in a new number of victims, in addition to the collapse of some buildings and the destruction of residential homes in northern Syria.

In the details, Rana said in a post on her accounts on social media: “Sometimes, I wish that Syria would be declared a plundered and stricken country unfit for human life, and all the countries of the civilized world who continue to talk about humanity and human rights send their planes and all Syrians are evacuated and transferred to Areas have fronts, electricity and heating, water, food, job opportunities, and a decent life.”

Rana’s statement seems to have not been liked by one of the followers on the communication sites, who intended to re-publish it on his own page, and attached it to the following comment: “Mr. Basem Yakhour, and after thanking you for your efforts … the largest emergency humanitarian relief that you can provide under these circumstances, your wife is silent.”

However, the comment of this follower did not go unnoticed, as he had the Syrian actor in the name of Yakhour on the lookout, where he shared the comment in a post via the short stories feature on his Instagram account, and he sent a harsh message to this person, as he said: “Professor Mudar, the first thing I am I used to be silent.. Every person has the right to express his opinion as long as his words do not carry offense to others, and if the written words contain any offense to your honor, I wish you would explain it to us.

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