A fixed deposit is a good way to make a fixed deposit ─ If you have 100,000 yuan, would you like to make a fixed-term deposit? 12 Banks 4.5% or more for 3 months up to 4.6% (updated Nov 17) – Hong Kong Economic Times – Financial Management – Interest Rate Strategy

This article was updated on November 17, 2022.

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The bank’s high-interest term deposits are sometimes just a main attraction, often with many conditions attached, for example, the entrance fee can cost millions of dollars. Therefore, when you formally apply or want to open an account, the available funds may not reach the threshold of high interest rates.

if with100,000 yuanFor the price of the ticket, there are actually quite a few options. Below is a list of 18 low-threshold options for banks, with the highest at 5.5% and the lowest at 4%.

It should be noted that the following interest deposits are all for 3 months or more, and some very short deposit periods with interest rates above 10% are not included. Bank of East Asia’s 8.8% is also not included, because its maximum deposit amount is only 10,000 yuan.

If you have 100,000 yuan, would you like to do a fixed-term plan? (Ordered from bottom to top by year)

5.5% for new Ping An OneConnect customers

Virtual Bank Ping An OneConnect has launched a new discount for customers. The normal 12-month Hong Kong dollar rate is above the base annual interest rate of 4.5%. New customers can have an additional annual interest rate of 1%, for a total of 5.5%. . Based on a deposit of 100,000 yuan, the interest earned in one year is 5,500 yuan. If it is not a new customer, there is 4.5% and the interest is 4,500 yuan a year.

CNCB 4.8%, Bank of Communications East Asia WeLab 4.7%

Excluding the aforementioned new discounts for new customers, CNCB’s 4.8% 12-month rate is the highest for 100,000 yuan or less, provided new funds are available online or mobile banking. Bank of Communications Hong Kong’s 12-month maturity, East Asia and WeLab Bank (Huili Bank) all have 4.7%, except East Asia, which needs to be opened in branches, the rest are opened through electronic channels .

Up to 4.7% in 6 months

If you don’t want to tie up your funds for too long, the fixed maturity of 6 months in Hong Kong dollars, 100,000 yuan or less, with a maximum of 4.7%, is CNCBI, and the condition is new funds from online or mobile banking . In addition, Public Bank has 4.55%, East Asia, Hang Seng and Chong Hing all have 4.5%, but the conditions are different: East Asia must open in a branch, Hang Seng must open online for selected customers and Chong Hing requests new funds.

3 months up to 4.6%

If you want a shorter deposit period, the 3-month term is also the highest at CNCBI, with an annual interest rate of 4.6%. Followed by 4.5% of Citibank, including Hong Kong dollars and US dollars, the initial deposit is 50,000 Hong Kong dollars or 10,000 US dollars, but must be a new client of Citigroup’s private client business or a Citigold account, i.e. a new client with a minimum asset value of 1.5 million. In addition, you must hold balances of designated products, such as funds, insurance, etc., to have a quarterly fixed deposit of 4.5%.

However, Citigroup also offers other customers a regular 3-month discount of more than 4.2%. There is no “designated business” mentioned above, and there is no minimum or maximum deposit amount.

Note issuing bank up to 4.3%

After HSBC raised interest rates this week, the rate was 4.3% to its highest rate in 12 months, the highest among note-issuing banks. Hang Seng also added a 12-month deposit discount, with an annual interest rate of 4.1%.

Written by: Liao Yiran

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