A fire in Gansu Dere’s house, and this is what happened

A fire broke out last night in the house of international actress Jansu Dire, after she was hospitalized last week due to food poisoning.

Cansu Dere was hospitalized when she suddenly fell ill at the airport while she was about to go to Spain to receive an honorary award from a festival.
This time, a fire caused by an electric wire broke out in Cansuh’s house, according to the Turkish newspaper Sozcu.
And several Turkish reports circulated that the cause of a fire in the bedroom of the house was caused by cats knocking on lit candles, and it was claimed that Cansu’s cats were also affected by the smoke.
However, Jansoh’s business manager denied this, stressing with the meaning that “what happened was not because of the candles, there was only a spark from one electric cable.. everything is fine. There is nothing and there is no need to exaggerate.”

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