A father was swept away by a BMW on “Iztochen” Blvd., who was collecting …

A BMW driver hit a man near the footpath on Iztochen Blvd., next to the sports halls. This was reported to “Maritsa” by eyewitnesses. The victim took his child from training, after which the two started to go home. However, then the father was taken away by the German vehicle.

According to eyewitnesses, the man fled after the collision. The impact broke the windshield of the car. The father’s entire head was covered in blood, other people from the scene say.

After a report was filed, the police and an ambulance arrived at the scene. The father was taken to hospital. Uniformed officers have preserved the scene of the accident, testing the driver for alcohol and drug use.

The management of the sports halls shared that the situation with parking and traffic jams there is deplorable. “Parents can’t drive and pick up their children. It’s something scary. Lots of cars are piling up, people are crossing everywhere,” commented others from there.

Feedback from the hospital is awaited on the condition of the father who was hit.

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