A father is forced to mortgage his car to receive his son’s body from the hospital?!

In a phenomenon that reflects the reality reached in the country, the father of the child, Ahmed Hussein al-Baarini, was forced to mortgage a car belonging to his sister’s son, to receive the body of his son, who died in Khalaf al-Habtoor Hospital in Harar, Akkar, after spending 25 days in “Al-Kofuz”.

In detail, Al-Baarini reveals, in an interview with Al-Nashra, that he was contacted this morning by the doctor who was monitoring the child’s condition to inform him of his death, specifying that when he came to the hospital to receive the body he was asked to wait for the accountant, who told him he had to pay $2,400; However, one of the associations donated $350 to him.

Al-Baarini indicated that he did not have the remaining amount, so the accounting officer asked him to contact a person from his city, Fnaideq, to ​​sponsor him, but the person’s phone was turned off, so he asked him to leave his car to the hospital to receive the baby’s body, and added: “Now the matter has been resolved. “After the rest has been paid by my relatives.”

For his part, the director of the hospital, Dr. Rabih al-Samad, confirmed in an interview with “Al-Nashra” that the matter had been addressed, stressing that after being informed of the matter, he promptly contacted the child’s father to offer his condolences, and asked him to go to the hospital to clarify the misunderstanding that has occurred. But it shows that the father of the child has decided to leave the car.

Despite this, Samad points out that the employee made a mistake, but points out that the hospital is private and that he did not initially ask him for money during his son’s treatment, because he does not need it to provide treatment.

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