A father and his daughter are arrested for burning a raccoon alive in Florida

A father and his daughter had been arrested in the county of Sarasota, Florida, United States, and accused of the crime of “aggravated cruelty to animals”, for possessing burned a raccoon alive. All this was created identified by a viral video on social media in which it is revealed how the animal is set on hearth in a rubbish can. He documented it this Friday from the sheriff’s workplace.

Brokers of the Agricultural Device have been knowledgeable of a Snapchat video showing a raccoon in a dumpster. He was seeking at the digicam with no sign of aggression.

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Even so, yet another online video shows Roddy Kincheloe, 63, watering the steaming dumpster. As his daughter, Alicia Kincheloe, 30, suggests: “We just toasted him. Who’s hungry?”.

Cruelty to burn off a raccoon alive and celebrate it in a online video

The video then captures the inside of the container, where by you can see the charred remains of the animal soon after getting burned with gasoline. He states this in a statement from the Sarasota Sheriff’s Business office.

The investigation allowed officers to entry a surveillance camera close to the household of the defendants who captured the incident. This is from the minute they use a pitchfork to stab the animal and then, seeing it even now alive, set it on fireplace with gasoline.

The daughter and father had been produced on $ 3,000 and $ 1,500 bail, respectively.

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