A famous journalist reveals the truth about her marriage to the Egyptian preacher Abdullah Rushdi • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian journalist, Israa Khattab, commented on the spread of her image on social media, with the preacher Abdullah Rushdi.

Khattab appeared in a video clip on Facebook, in which she said: “I have nothing to do with preacher Abdullah Rushdi. All that happened is that I offered condolences for the death of his wife, nothing more.”

And she continued: “The pictures spread on social media were taken at the funeral, and their spread does not mean that there is a relationship between us.”

And she continued: “Abdullah Rushdie asked me to wear the hijab while I was sitting with him to offer condolences, and it was my life’s fault that I met one of the Islamists or preachers.”

And she concluded her speech: “My life’s mistake is that I took a picture with him and published the picture. It was a black day when I met Abdullah Rushdie, and I will never marry an Islamic preacher.”

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