A famous artist… super beautiful and very rich, she slept with 12 men together… and because of a very scratchy leaked tape that ruined her artistic life.. Look who she is.! !

Paris Whitney Hilton, born February 17, 1981 in New York City, the eldest of Richard and Kathy Hilton, is an American singer, actress and model.

Born into a powerful family, she is the granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels and his heir after his death to become the richest star.
Paris Hilton’s fame began spreading around the world in 2001.

Her fame led her to participate in the reality TV show The Simple Life, which is shown on the American Fox channel. The most prominent works she has participated in are American Carol, House of Wax, Wonderland and Sweetie.

Paris Hilton emerged as an actress in a number of secondary roles in some films, most notably the horror film The House Of Wax in 2005, and she won the Golden Raspberry Award for her role in the film.

However, her talents did not receive much admiration from the producers, as she won “worst” awards for three of her roles. In 2006, she published her first album, Paris.

obscenely rich
Today, she has activities in the field of fashion, hair care, perfumes and shoes. Paris Hilton’s fortune is estimated at $100 million, but her family’s fortune is estimated at $ 5.0 billion.

As for her investments, it is estimated at more than one billion dollars. She does not own one car, but many cars, one of which is a Ferrari, with a price of 300,000 dollars, and she has several private planes that she takes to travel from one country to another.

Paris Hilton owns 42 stores around the world, 5 of which are in Mecca. She also has hotels bearing her name, which are among the most luxurious, in addition to cosmetics bearing her name.

Paris Hilton and a list of men she slept with
It is not strange for Paris Hilton to be the attractive, sexy and rich girl to have so many lovers who enter into a serious relationship with her, but it is interesting that none of them managed to stay with her for more than one year except her boyfriend Randy Spaling, with whom she stayed for more than 3 years!

Her fan list includes:
Randy Spalling (1996-1999), Edward Furlong (1999-2000), Nick Carter (2003-2004), Simon Rex (2004-2005).

Stavros Niarchos (2005-2006). Doug Reinhart (2009-2010). Sea Whites (2010-2011). Afrojack (2011-2012). Jason Shaw (2012-2013). River Vayberry (2012-2014). Thomas Gross (2015-2016) Chris Zylka (2017-present).

Paris Hilton and her scratch tape
In a previous statement, Hilton, 33, revealed to the British newspaper The Telegraph, that the leaked video during her intimate practice with her lover Rick Salmon in 2004 destroyed her and changed her view of many things.

She said, “It was a huge shock to me, especially since I spent a long time with Rick. I don’t think I would trust any man anymore, what I lived through was too painful and hurtful for anyone to do to a young woman.” Then she cut ties with all the friends who try to take advantage of her fame for personal purposes and private interests.

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