a family touched by the generosity of Internet users for their sick son

A year ago, the life of Loïs, 16, at the time, and that of his family was completely turned upside down. In June 2019, the young Angloy started to have strange symptoms. “I found him a little tired for two or three weeks, he was losing weight while eating normally, and one day he announced that he had tingling in the fingers of his right hand and his right cheek“, explains Marie-Line Mathieu, the mother of Loïs.

Quickly the chopper falls, after a few analyzes, they discover that it is a brain stem glioma, a very rare and incurable tumor with a life expectancy of 6 to 12 months.

Lois was only 16 when he felt the first symptoms of his illness
Marie-Line Mathieu

“The it’s the descent into hell, very quickly everything came together, very quickly he started to see double, to have a loss of strength in his hand, to limp, to have difficulty walking “, details the young man’s mother. Lois is hospitalized, he goes through radiotherapy sessions, targeted therapies until last February. At that point, they have to stop everything because of serious side effects.

Since then the boy has had no treatment. But for the past few weeks, Lois’s parents have learned from other parents with whom they are in contact thatan experimental treatment existed abroad. “It puts the tumor to sleep, if it could make the tumor shrink a little, it would improve its quality of life”. A drug that does not yet exist in France, but in the United States and Germany. Loïs’s father therefore took the management of a private clinic in Frankfurt this Sunday to go get this medicine.

10,000 euros of treatment

A treatment which has a cost, 850 euros / week, or a little over 10,000 euros in all. “There we suddenly found ourselves at the foot of the wall having to find money, so we decided to launch this kitty, and everything got packed, in 36 hours we had already collected all the money, c is overwhelming “explains Marie-Line.

Marie Line told us that she would close the Leetchi kitty in the week, the objective being achieved. The surplus of the kitty will be given for the research of the disease which affects his son. Marie Line who hopes that this drug can be quickly available also in France and that research in general is developing around the disease.

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