A family of refugees left Stropnický to the chateau. The Ukrainians had colds there

Former politician and actor Matěj Stropnický and his friend Daniel Krejčík are also helping Ukrainian refugees. Both decided to provide shelter for several Ukrainian families at their castle in Osečany. But one of the families left the castle prematurely. The children had a cold there.

At the end of February, actor Daniel Krejčík and his friend Matěj Stropnický provided a place at the castle in Osečany for four Ukrainian families. After less than two weeks, however, some of them left their temporary refuge on their own. Several children fell ill during their stay at the chateau.

One of the families decided to go to Prague after a week’s stay at the chateau. “On Sunday, the children played all day with the Czech children on the playground and caught a cold. I should have supervised them. In the morning, my mother told us that the children were ill, that she had changed her mind and wanted to go to Prague with the children,” said Krejčík. on your facebook.

Krejčík and Stropnický tried to persuade his mother to stay. Nevertheless, she left the castle. “Surprisingly, it hurt. I cried. I suddenly felt that even though we were trying to help, we were running low,” Krejčík complained. At the same time, however, he also said that he respects their decision and sometimes it is necessary to suppress his ego and the saving complex.

The couple found a replacement for the family that left almost immediately. Shortly after the family left, another called who was looking for accommodation. “The lady cried with joy on the phone and said that we were angels. It’s an emotional swing. Even for us and Matěj, he really is a holder,” Krejčík added.

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