A fake Christmas bonus. The gift of an American company to its employees

Crédit Photo : Spencer Platt/Getty Images

This Thursday, December 24, according to The world, the American company GoDaddy apologized to its employees for the trap it had set for them. It was to test the computer security of the company’s network that the employees received an email announcing a Christmas bonus of 650 dollars (about 530 euros): to touch it, you had to click on a link that asked for some personal information . The company expressed itself in these terms: “ Although the test mimicked real attempts [d’attaques informatiques] happening nowadays, we need to improve and empathize with our people “. Bosses hardly seem to realize that $ 650 for workers is a sizeable sum.

In this period of health and economic crisis, where companies are laying off by the thousands and where precariousness is settling everywhere and becoming increasingly strong, 650 dollars, for an average household, is an amount that can make a big difference. The fact of playing in this way with the precariousness of the employees, all the more in this chaotic end of the year which sees even more households deprived of the visit of Santa Claus, is revealing of the violence which the bosses can then show. even that this sum would have allowed families to get out of the red, breathe for a while and have fun on the occasion of Christmas.

We definitely don’t live in the same world. Protected by a status guaranteed by an entire operating system and by all the gifts given to them by the various governments, the bosses don’t give a damn about our living conditions. This is a behavior like the many layoffs, wage cuts and the generalization of precarious contracts which are the door open to a deepening of precariousness. The gulf between workers and bosses, between the oppressed and the oppressors, continues to widen – the health crisis being only a catalyst for this irremediable opposition.

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