A fake banknote scam is wreaking havoc on Facebook!

It was from May 16, 2022 that we noticed, for the first time, the fake Ryanair ticket scam.

The scammers seized the identity of Ryanair

According to the media, Capital et BFM TV, the fake Ryanair ticket scam worked on millions of Facebook users on May 16, 2022. Indeed, a fake page took over the identity of the low-cost airline. She then posted the following message:

“We’ve decided to celebrate our 50th anniversary by giving away 2 free tickets to anyone who types in before 6 p.m. on Thursday.”

Many people couldn’t resist and commented. It is one of the most sophisticated forms of cyberattacks. It is based on phishing or “phishing”. A target, who is deceived, easily gives up his personal data. Unfortunately, Internet users did not immediately discover this new form of scam.

Therefore, those who gave their personal information on this fake Ryanair Facebook page, will now receive many more scams.

What will the information collected be used for?

It is possible that this personal information collected will be resold. To this end, other criminals will try to set up new scams. Indeed, we can have scams under the identity of the national police, for example, or of the Health Insurance. Thus, the victims will receive either SMS, emails, calls or even fraudulent letters.

This is why you should avoid disclosing your personal data to anyone. You also have to be very vigilant.

Also, the columns of BFM TV tell us that Ryanair’s fake Facebook page has already changed its name. Indeed, it has become a fake Amazon page! However, the crooks have kept the same procedure, that is to say the “phishing”.

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