A drunk got lost in the Beskydy Mountains and employed dozens of rescuers

The Beskydy Mountain Service informed about the intervention on Sunday. The 28-year-old contacted the hotline, saying he was lost and running out of energy. “The police asked us to cooperate around eight in the evening with the information that the man should be in a locality where there is snow. It is here from 800 to 1000 meters above sea level, “said Jaroslav Pavlica, an intervening member of the Beskydy Mountain Service, at the beginning of the search operation.

The man dropped his cell phone after the announcement or fell asleep exhausted because it was no longer possible to contact him. The mountain rescuers were also assisted by a police handler, and police and firefighters also took part in the search, who, together with all those involved, searched the terrain in the company.

He violated perhaps all known principles

Then the man called himself. “He must have fallen asleep or turned off the phone by mistake. He said he was really in the snow, but otherwise he was quite confused. Within twenty minutes of the phone call, he himself came out of the woods, but on the other side of the ridge. He was cold, completely disoriented, but otherwise fortunately without injury, “Pavlica added, adding that the stray man had violated perhaps all the principles of safe movement in the winter mountains.

Police confirmed that the man was drunk. “The breath test showed 1.72 per mille of alcohol,” said police spokeswoman Zlatuše Viačková.

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