A drug used in chemotherapy for cancer proves effective in treating symptoms of corona

Scientists of the Shenzhen Institute of Technology in China confirmed that the “chemotherapy” that was originally developed to treat cancer can be reused to prevent the reproduction of the Corona virus and treat Covid 19, as the chemotherapy drug proved its superiority over the famous remdesivir drug and that it was more able to prevent the reproduction of the virus, according to What the “Times of India” website reported.

In the study, scientists used laboratory experiments as well as techniques based on computer simulations that simulate the interactions of the Corona virus with various treatments, and by using this hybrid approach, scientists from Shenzhen Institutes of Technology examined 1906 existing drugs for their potential ability to prevent the reproduction of the coronavirus by targeting a viral protein called RNA Polymerase RNA Approved)RdRP).

Researchers identified four promising drugs, which were then tested against the Coronavirus in laboratory experiments.

They said that two drugs, namely pralatrexate And azithromycin , Succeeded in preventing the virus from replicating, and other laboratory experiments showed that pralatrexate Preventing the virus from multiplying more strongly than a drug Remdesivir It is a drug currently used to treat some Corona patients.

According to the scientists, the results indicate that pralatrexate may be reused to treat Corona symptoms.


However, the researchers said that the chemotherapy drug may lead to significant side effects and is used for people with lymphoma, so they added that the immediate use of Corona patients is not guaranteed, but the research highlighted the importance of the new screening strategy to identify drugs that can be reused.

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“We have shown the value of our new hybrid approach that combines deep learning techniques with more traditional simulations of virus particles,” said study author Haiping Zhang of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology.

Researchers are now working to develop additional computational methods to generate new molecular structures that can be developed into new drugs to treat corona.



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