A dropout from the Spanish Academy Training with Persija, a substitute for Marc Klok?


Mahir Radja reportedly trained with Persija Jakarta

BOLASPORT.COM – Persija Jakarta continue to do training sessions to welcome League 1 2021 which will roll on Friday (9/7/2021).

The team, nicknamed the Kemayoran Tigers, finalized tactics and strategies at the National Youth Training Center (NYTC), Sawangan, Depok, West Java.

During the training session, several new players were seen training together Persija Jakarta.

One of these players is Mahir Radja, who previously played for PSIS Semarang.

Photos of Mahir Radja practicing together Persija Jakarta started hanging around on social media.

Allegedly the photo is a screenshot taken from YouTube Persija Jakarta.

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This is because Persija Jakarta is still holding a closed training session due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mahir Radja is a defensive midfielder.



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