A double trap for Putin! What Biden tells him

The United States believes it is still able to isolate Russia – in such a way as to force the Kremlin to reach casualties among the population and exhaust it with Ukraine. This is the opinion of political scientist Vladimir Bruter, world publications report.

According to the expert, the American authorities intend to make the Russian Federation indicted in cases of the most widespread crimes against humanity. Then the White House will be able to “lock” it.

The second direction in which the United States is working is to do everything possible to make Russia “sink” into Ukraine. Then, according to Bruter, an agreement could be reached with Moscow to return to the status quo from before February 24.

According to the political scientist, the Russian Federation could end the war in a short time if it did not take into account the number of victims. In such a case, however, the result will definitely not be in line with the objectives.

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