a documentary on the cult of OM

A priest, an imam and a rabbi are in a bar. This is not the start of an easy joke but the main sequence of OM without confession, a 20-minute documentary produced by the club and broadcast from 9 a.m. on its YouTube channel. “The idea is to show that there are four religions: the three great ones practiced in France and football through OM”, summarizes the director Philippe Pujol. Investigator rewarded by the Albert-London price in 2014, the journalist often speaks about the cracks of his city. “This time, I’m talking about its cement.” He submitted the idea to Jacques-Henri Eyraud who made the club’s means of production available to him. The shooting lasted five days in January.

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The stadium is “a liturgy”

This film with assumed benevolence, even in its corporate side, claims to show that it is possible to live together around a common value. Subscribed to the North bend of the Velodrome, the priest remembers a trip to the Holy Land where a border guard began to talk about his passion for OM with a young man who accompanied him. The rabbi, on the other hand, counts on the faithful who come to the synagogue on Saturday morning to inform them of the result if the team played the day before, on Shabbat evening. “Fortunately in Marseille there is OM to calm the tensions,” he said.

An unusual encounter to say what is mystical about the Marseille identity. “The stadium,” said the priest again, “is a liturgy.” A tender glance at the ecumenism of football through his most passionate club.

The documentary is to be seen here from Sunday morning.

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