A dizzying new outdoor observatory in New York

The Hudson Yard Edge, a particularly spectacular new outdoor observatory has just opened in New York. It is the tallest outdoor observation tower to be built in the West.

The outdoor space offers a 360-degree view of Manhattan, and promises to deliver an adrenaline rush to its visitors.

The triangular structure is bordered by glass railings sloping outwards, giving the impression of emptiness to people approaching the edge.

In addition, a glass floor, completely translucent, and above all, indestructible, allows visitors to see the cars moving under their feet. Difficult to take the first steps there, especially if you are afraid of heights.

The sensational experience is not given. The price of an access ticket for an adult is $ 38.

It takes 52 seconds for the super-fast elevator to transport you to the top on the 100th floor and 335 meters high.


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