A Dilirik 3 Club Luar Negeri

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Shin Tae Yong claimed to have met with A Maulana Vikri and winger Indonesian National team was talking about his new club.

Egy had time to stay at the Sultan Hotel, Senayan, while recovering from an injury. While at the Sultan, Egy knocked on Shin’s room. A number of issues were discussed, including the question of recovering from injuries and a new club.

“Yesterday, Egy was at the Sultan. He came to the room to shake hands. Indeed, Egy said he was undergoing therapy, he only needed a week to return to normal. Maybe on the FIFA Matchday September, it wouldn’t be a problem to play,” said Shin.

“Egy did talk about his team. There were two countries that offered to Egy. From those two countries, there were three teams that offered, but I can’t continue to talk about which team he chose,” Shin added.

Asked further whether Egy would stay in Europe or Asia, Shin smiled brightly. He admitted that he could not provide a more detailed explanation about the future of the 22-year-old player.

“Maybe like that [masih bermain di Eropa],” said Shin with a smile and was the last question in the interview session after the U-19 Indonesia national team practice at the Madya Stadium, Thursday (23/6).

Currently, Egy does not have a new club. The player who was contracted by the Slovak club, FK Senica until 2023, chose to terminate his contract sooner. The reason is that Senica has financial difficulties and is in arrears in salary.

According to Egy’s agent, Dusan Bogdanovic, there are already very interested clubs. It’s just that Bogdanovic is reluctant to reveal. According to the former Persikota Tangerang player, the club will immediately announce.

Egy is currently recovering from an injury. The player from Medan, North Sumatra suffered a knee injury while appearing at the 2021 SEA Games (2022). Because of this injury, Egy missed the 2023 Asian Cup Qualification.

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