A digital tattoo and new electric skates

Once again, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has proven to be the most prominent address for everything new in the world of technical innovations that you will feel the importance of acquiring some of them, and you will only watch others for entertainment.
Here are some interesting innovations:
> Prinker – The World’s First Digital Temporary Tattoo Machine In seconds, the new device creates full-colour, waterproof but soap-cleanable temporary tattoos using cosmetic ink.
The Brinker system consists of three main components: a compact device, a content platform that offers various designs for iOS and Android devices, and FDA-approved cosmetics such as skin toners and primers.
The process of using the device is quick and easy. After selecting the tattoo you want and uploading it to the device, and cleaning the skin to be ready, pass the “brinker” over the area you want to tattoo to get the design printed in seconds.
The price of the device on the company’s website: $ 229.
> AtmosGear electric skates. The Atmos Gear electric sled is one of the most interesting products, especially since it travels at a speed of 32 km per hour.
The battery-powered sleds, which look like traditional sleds except for a built-in battery and a cord attached to a waist bag, made waves at the festival. This product, which can travel 32 km continuously on an hour charge, entered the market last year. It should be noted that you can charge the skates even while they are in use.
The waist pack contains a small waterproof bag to store the battery and controller. The sleds also come with two detachable cords that attach to each sled for charging.
Atmos Gear claims its skates are the world’s first electric skates designed for everyday commuting. The company worked with world-class athletes and more than 2,000 skaters to create this product, which retails for $500. It should be noted that the Atmos Gear skis are based on two patented French technology.

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