A detective is attempting cyanide poisoning. They released fluorescein | into Beva Home

Valask Mezi (Vsetnsko) Due to the poisoning of Bevy cyanides, all criminal investigators are conducting a trial. Using non-toxic fluorescein, they detect and document breeding unknown substances in the river. The city will be given a note usable for the needs of a forensic expert. The police stated this on their Twitter. Fluorescein is a synthetic organic substance.


Cyanide released the 20th offender into a hitherto unknown perpetrator. Havrie affected Beva pod Valaskm Mezim in the Vsetnsko region after Perov. The fish took 40 tons of fish to the rendering plant. The disaster has aroused the public, and as time goes on, speculation emerges, for even after two months it is not clear who released the cyanide into the river.

Last week, deputies discussed the fall. Opozin’s conspirators pointed out that the case still raised many questions, but the debate did not lead to a day of reversal.

Speaking from the police presidium, Kateina Rendlov said on Monday that the police had not imposed an information embargo on the case, according to some media outlets. However, according to them, police officers cannot publish information from the report and refute or confirm the public communication of others.

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The police are so criticized that the cause of Beva’s poisoning is not yet known. The police report is now completely up-to-date as a result of an expert investigation. The deadline for the preparation of the expert opinion was set for three months with regard to the amount of the examined material and will expire on December 20, 2020. For objective reasons, this deadline may be extended, Rendlov said in Monday. Until the police know the results of the expert examination, it is not possible to expect a day-ahead shift.



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