A deadly outbreak of superfungi occurred in a Quebec hospital

SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 AT 7.50am E. DEMERS

An investigation is underway and a national crisis unit has been deployed, as an outbreak of a deadly fungus occurred at the Pierre-Boucher hospital in Longueuil.

This is the first time the mushroom, called White ears born in Quebec.

Most hospital workers are reportedly unaware of the outbreak because, according to a public health source, authorities have asked to silence the matter.

Here are the risks of the disease, according to Radio-Canada:

“Candida auris attacks hospitalized patients, mainly those with weakened immune systems or those undergoing surgery or intravenous treatment. An infected person has a 30-60% chance of dying. “

It was on September 8 that the fungus was suspected in the armpits of a 65-year-old patient with pneumonia, information that was confirmed after laboratory tests on September 15.

A second case was confirmed on 19 September. The patient, admitted to intensive care, died of another cause.

An official outbreak statement was issued on 20 September and affected employees were contacted.

What worries the most is that neither patient has traveled abroad.

Three other people are under investigation after having had close contact with infected patients.

However, according to Radio-Canada “dozens of patients were screened, on several units, because they had direct or indirect contact with positive cases. “

A situation that worries the authorities a lot because in addition to being difficult to detect, the fungus is resistant to antifungals.

In addition, it is very difficult to remove the surfaces, a New York hospital even had to replace sections of the ceiling and walls.

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Finally, according to Caroline Doucet, spokesperson for CISSS de la Montérégie-Est, “from 8 September the care teams concerned have been informed of the measures to be applied. […] Learn more about the White ears they were sent to the relevant staff on 13 September. “

Source: Radio-Canada

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