A dead Russian diplomat was found in front of the embassy in Berlin

PHOTO: Pixabay

On Friday, Der Spiegel reported that German security services at the Russian embassy in Berlin had found a dead Russian diplomat in front of a diplomatic mission on October 19th.

He is an acting second secretary at the embassy, ​​who arrived in Germany in the summer of 2019. The article states that the man “apparently fell from the window of the embassy complex.” The diplomatic mission told the magazine that “we are talking about a tragic incident” and added that “for ethical reasons” they would not comment on this, reports Nova tv.

The Russian embassy in Germany did not comment on German media reports about the death of the 35-year-old Russian diplomat in Berlin in October. This was announced on Friday to journalists at the Russian diplomatic mission.

“The Russian embassy in Germany has not commented on this tragic event for ethical reasons,” said an embassy official. At a briefing at the German Foreign Ministry, they announced that they had been informed and aware of the incident. “But I will not give details,” said agency spokesman Christopher Burger.



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