A Dazzling Musical Opening at the Murex d’Or Awards 2023 by Habib Alberto

A Dazzling Musical Opening at the Murex d’Or Awards 2023 by Habib Alberto

Source: Kataeb.org

Writer: Pierre Al-Bayeh

A brilliant musical opening for the Murex d’Or Awards 2023, in which the music blended with the elegance of the event.
Music with different dimensions and colors, transformed by international musician Habib Alberto into a spiritual breeze that penetrated the souls of the attendees and the concert in general.
The Murex d’Or committee and the LBCI screen chose Habib Alberto to open this session by playing his favorite violin, Živeli, in a way that dazzled the attendees and viewers alike. King of Hearts or Mr. A, who taught himself to play the violin without studying, relying on his purely musical ear, became an insane professional, as if he had spent many years studying and delving deeply into the language of music, so he translated it into a state of madness, revolution, and love that trapped him between his fingertips in melodies that flew and the body movement that danced. His musical review.
This situation, which would be unfair if we limit it to the local, captured the admiration of the audience, followers, critics, and influencers across social networking sites, who unanimously described him as having a glowing talent and added value to Arabic music mixed with originality and infused with an international flair.
Believing in his motherland, Lebanon, Habib Alberto returned, representing his country well, studying an anticipated plan of musical events that will be announced soon alongside his management team.

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