A daring scene for the second time between Nada Abu Farhat and Samer Al-Masry

Khabarni – Episode 38 of the “Stiletto” series witnessed a daring scene for the second time between Syrian actor Samer Al-Masry and Lebanese actress Nada Abu Farhat, who documented the moment the two met. exchanged kisses in a shocking way for some.

In the details of the scene, “Loay”, played by Samer Al-Masry, went to the home of his ex-wife, “Nayla”, played by Nada Abu Farhat, holding a bouquet of roses in an attempt to appease her, after having heard he was having an affair with a co-worker. Jealousy flared up in his heart, even though he had cheated on her with a younger girl, and when Nayla opened the door for him, she collapsed in tears and they sat on the sofa and exchanged an intimate kiss, before Nada got to herself. realize what he had done and ask Louay to leave the house.

There were conflicting views on the subject, between those who considered it normal in the context of events, and those who considered it inappropriate.

An indication that the scene is an exact copy of the Turkish “Small Murders” series, where the events were reproduced verbatim without modification.

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