A criminal drama about the shadow side of the Riga taxi business has been shot

This week, the criminal drama of the new Latvian director Reinis Kalviņš – “Change” – will be presented to the audience. It tells about the illegal side of the Riga taxi business, and much of what is happening in the film is based on real events.

The film “Change” is the debut of director Reinis Kalviņš in a feature film. The idea – to reflect the criminal side of the taxi business – came to the artist a long time ago.

“The idea came to me while studying in Carajevo, because there is a problem with those taxi drivers, but then I also saw headlines in Latvian news, that there are conflicts at the airport and there is a division of territories, and some 90s bubble. And it seemed interesting that such an atmosphere still exists today, ”says Kalvins.

The film tells the story of a taxi driver’s adventures on the streets of Riga. He has to find several thousand debts in one night, and illegal funds are also used to achieve the goal. There is no smuggling of foreigners to underground clubs, as well as “dachshund wars” for the best reception places for customers.

Edgars Ozoliņš, who is in the main role, admits – this time the most difficult thing was not to play the role, but to orientate in the city.

“For me, as a ignorant of Riga, the most difficult thing was where to go. Because we did all the filming really more or less realistically, there was an operator sitting next to me in the car who was filming me. Sometimes to combine to do something, to take the phone, to talk, the operator next to you, you yourself are printed in the corner of the car, those technical things were so difficult, ”says Ozoliņš.

The director drew ideas for the plot of the film, getting acquainted with the stories of taxi drivers’ experiences. Although what is happening in the film is partly based on real events, the author emphasizes that it is not a documentary film.

“The film is not a documentary, they are different stories heard from taxi drivers during the research, different sketches, which are then put together in one night and, of course, intertwined in the plot,” the director points out.

The film’s producer Gints Grūbe believes that the collaboration with the director has paid off: “We wanted to create something that is a story about today. A story about a modern city and Riga. And in that sense, Reyn’s idea of ​​a documentary in the form of a feature film coincided with our vision of what we would like to see that mattered to viewers. ”

The film will premiere on Thursday.


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