a covid-positive child returns to Saint-Priest, a closed elementary class

All the children of an elementary class of CM1, of the Marius-Berliet school in Saint-Priest are in fourteen. A child returned to school on Tuesday, September 1, when he was infected with covid. The town hall is reassuring.

A class at the Marius-Berliet elementary school is closed in Saint-Priest. The parents of a child have taken a test before the start of the school year.

But they obviously did not wait for the results and decided to organize the return to school as if nothing had happened. No luck, the results were positive for Covid.

According to our information, it was initially a case of coronavirus, in the professional entourage of the mother of the little boy, schooled in CM1. For now the young boy would be doing well, and would still be asymptomatic.

“We appeal to common sense”

This is where parents’ common sense is called upon“regrets Gilles Gascon, mayor (LR) of Saint-Priest.”A priori, the child was not sick. We do not yet have all the ins and outs. Did the parents approach, from near or far, other people who were positive? In any case as a precautionary measure, they had their child tested. It is true that it would have been preferable, of course, if before going back to class, they could have had the result, of course.

The mayor also recalls that the protocols were all respected at the school, and that an email was sent to the agents of the community asking them to be tested before their return to work, “and wait for the result of the test before returning to work, that goes a little without sayinghe said.

“The fear is limited”

Some parents have since contacted the town hall, concerned about the situation. “It’s legitimate in view of the health crisis, we would be the same“reacts the mayor.”This child was asymptomatic. The return to class will be done after a medical opinion. We want to reassure parents, in the sense that in most cases, children do not develop the disease too dangerously like adults. The fear is limited.

The mayor called for the establishment of distance education.

The class is now closed, and the 24 students concerned placed in fourteen at home. As required by the protocol, they are considered as contact cases. They will be tested in a week, not before.

A complete disinfection of the premises concerned has already taken place yesterday.

“We dreaded this return”

Like all the mayors of France, I think, we feared this return to school, we are not going to hide it. There was such a shuffle over the holidays, all the departments got together with a mix of people on a whole bunch of sites. At the start of the school year we feared to be affected by cases like this one.
The town hall is reassuring by recalling that all barrier gestures have been respected within the school since the start of the school year.

Another case in the metropolis: The Fromente-Saint-François primary school, in Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d’Or, was closed after the confirmation of a case of covid-19 in a teacher. All the children were asked to stay at home.

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