A Covid-19 sufferer is blind and paralyzed after being bitten by a black cobra

LONDON, KOMPAS.com – A father of British nationality became blind and lame in a hospital in India after being bitten by a snake, while battling a second attack corona virus.

Ian Jones is a former health worker living on the Isle of Wight, England, with his family. Currently, he is in intensive care and away from family, having received snake bite cobra black in a village in northwest India.

He has been in India for months running a company Sabirian, a charity supported by a charity that aims to help people escape poverty.

His family was shocked by what happened to Jones in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

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However, they tried to persevere by describing Jones as a “warrior”. They hope that the blindness and paralysis will only be temporary, as reported from Daily Mail on Thursday (19/11/2020).

Jones’s son, Seb, said his father had suffered malaria, dengue fever, and Covid-19, before he got a cobra bite.

He said, “He (Jones) is unable to travel home because of the pandemic and as a family we understand his desire to continue to support the many people who depend on him.”

“We naturally worried about him and then when we heard he also had a snake bite which is usually fatal, on top of everything he’s been through, we were honestly shocked,” said Seb.

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“It’s really sad. He’s stable at the moment, although he has paralysis in his leg and blindness, which we hope is temporary, but obviously he has to stay out there for some time to get back home,” he said.

The Joneses later said that they were very grateful to the colleagues there, who had made a good day and supported him in times of need, as he did for them.

Community Action Isle of Wight, which owns Sabirian, has prepared the page GoFundMe to raise funds to cover Jones’s medical expenses.

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Hopefully he can eventually do street maintenance at home.

Sabirian assists about 70 Indian craftsmen aged 18-87 by providing training to import and sell their handicrafts and furniture in the UK, in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Mike Bulpitt, from Community Action Isle of Wight, said, “Ian has risked a lot to continue supporting people in India where he works, living in difficult conditions and away from family and friends for most of the year.”

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“He now faces a long road to recovery and we are asking for fundraising support that can help us cover his medical expenses, until he can finally be taken home,” he said.

“We hope that he will soon be able to return to the job he loves and support those who need it,” he added.

“But right now he needs all our help to get through this battle in order to survive,” he said.

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