A couple reputed to be’donation angels’… A very serious controversy broke out (video)

Serious suspicions have been raised about some celebrities, including celebrity couples who are known as’donation angels’.

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On the 13th, the YouTube channel’Garosero Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Gaseyeon)’ dealt with the illegal expansion and renovation of luxury houses and the resulting noise between floors. Attorney Kang Yong-seok and Kim Se-eui visited the UN Village in Hannam-dong, Seoul. It is a luxury residential complex where many celebrities live. Ka Se-yeon headed to’The House’ to meet real residents and hear stories.

The following YouTube’Landscape Lab’

Resident A lives in a house under Psy. He said, “I made a police report 7 to 8 times because of the noise between the floors of Psy’s junior high school daughters. I made several appeals to the security office and the manager, but that was the only time.”

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When Ka Se-yeon asked, “Aren’t many famous celebrities living here. For example, who is there,” Mr. A said, “Black Pink Jenny lives.” Then he talked about Sean and Jung Hye-young. The problem raised is shocking.

Mr. A said, “This house is owned by Sean and Jeong Hye-young.” In other words, there must be a structure connected between Psy’s house and Mr. A’s house below, but unlike the drawing, there is no such thing. “Isn’t that illegal expansion or remodeling?” said Ka Se-yeon, asking how it changed in detail.

When Mr. A said, “It was different, but I don’t know how to do it,” Ka Se-yeon said, “If it’s a double floor, there should be a staircase.

Mr. A said, “What is certain is that there is an evacuation staircase in the common corridor of the house, and they renovated it and made it their own space.” “It can be dangerous when unexpected situations such as fires occur,” said Ka Se-yeon. He pointed out that “a failure to fulfill the obligations between the lessee and the lessee also appeared.”

Recently, comedian Lee Hwi-jae, Ahn Sang-tae, and others who have been neighbors have been controversial as they complained of damage to the floor noise to the online community.

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YouTube,’Landscape Lab’


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