A couple dies in catamaran fire in Cabo Rojo

A couple died tonight after a catamaran caught fire in the Puerto Real Marina of Red cape.

The press spokesman for the Fire Department, Brenda Rodríguez, confirmed to El Nuevo Día that the fire has already gone out.

Fire Lieutenant Pedro Rodríguez reported that the vessel was 42 feet long and was called “Miss Adventure.” The incident was reported at 6:35 p.m.

The couple lived in the catamaran. It is believed that they were foreigners. Their identities have not been disclosed until family members are notified.

Agent Israel Arroyo, of the Puerto Rico Police, said the man and woman were, respectively, 70 and 65 years old. One of them died from inhalation and another from burns.

Material losses are estimated at $ 300,000.

The Fire Department and several law enforcement agencies investigate the incident.


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