A costume designer takes inspiration from Chartres Cathedral to create a fashion accessory

Corneline imagined a costume from the rose window of Chartres Cathedral (Eure-et-Loir).
Corneline imagined a costume from the rose window of Chartres Cathedral (Eure-et-Loir). (©Facebook / Corneline)

Passing through Chartres (Eure-et-Loir), a few weeks ago, Caroline denglos, better known by her artist name, Corneline, took the opportunity to draw inspiration from a world famous monument.

When entering the Notre-Dame de Chartres cathedralCorneline didn’t think she had so much inspiration. “I had already visited the cathedral a few years ago, but I did not have the same sensitivity”, explains the young costume designer, who lives in Mantes la Jolie, in the Yvelines.

She says: “When I arrived under the rose window, it was first the blue that appealed to me”.

“Such a blue cannot be used lightly”

The professional costume designer usually works with warm tones. “It’s a lapis blue, electric, with light and energy,” Corneline remembers.

This color reminds her of a piece of silk that she has in stock, in his workshop in Yvelines, “I didn’t know what to do with it, such a blue cannot be used lightly”.

She continues: “I really like round and solar patterns like this rose window. I told myself that I could try to recreate this mystical mixture ”. The artist chooses a belt model, eight hours of work later, That’s it !

Graduated since 2015 of a DMA Costume designer-director, the young woman has always been passionate about the show.

“At six years old, I was fascinated by the photographs in theater books, I tried to guess the story and the characters by looking at their costumes and their attitudes”.

CornelineCostume designer

A tailor-made costume designer

Caroline then feeds her imagination thanks to the fantastic pop culture : from Lord of the Rings to The Legend of Zelda… His taste for cosplay (character costume) takes shape. “I like to recreate my favorite characters from A to Z”.

Small outing at the Numérique Epône Show today! I try the cosplay contest with Peach <3 Photo: Joris Delrue Photographer # peach #supersmashbros #peachcosplay #redpeach #cosplay #cosplayer

Published by Corneline sure Sunday November 24, 2019

Now professional, the young artist has already been the jury of a cosplay contest in Czech republic and represented the famous Polish studio CDProjekt Red (producer of The Witcher).

Corneline also worked “in the shadows”, at the workshops of Puy du Fou.

In 2019, she sets up her own tailor-made costume design company: The Lodge of Corneline, in the Yvelines.

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