A Coruña: The council says it does what it can to resolve the conflict in Nostián | Radio Coruña

The municipal government will increase control in the periphery of A Coruña to avoid the proliferation of landfills uncontrolled. María García, Councilor for the Environment, assures that the council will sanction those who generate waste and remember that there is a municipal garbage collection system if someone wants to get rid of furniture.

Regarding the problem of the workers at the Nostián waste plant, García assures that the council is doing everything it can to prevent the conflict from exploding. The workers have announced that they will go on strike on April 21.

Listen to María García, Councilor for the Environment, about Nostián on Play SER

The works council affirms that the local government is urged to publish the specifications for the new contract, but he considers that it would be a problem for him to do so before a new agreement has been signed.

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